The first free mobile app for your advocacy work. 

Free during the transition:

Track the new EC strategic priorities

We’ll guide you throught all the steps of the process by which the next Commission’s strategic priorities are decided, and we’ll alert each time an important move takes place. It’s the easiest way to stay on top of it.

Track the 2025 Work Programme

For lobbyists, this will be the most important work programme of the new Commission’s five-year term. We stay on top of it for you as the files it will include come into view, and, as always, alert you.

Track the formation of the new EP

We’ll help you respond as the new Parliament gets to work reconstituting its committees and delegations, appointing chairs, vice-chairs, and coordinators, and deciding what to do with left-over files. 

Quickly find any file and see its status

Every policy file, OLP or secondary, is in our database. Quickly check where a file stands, see who the key stakeholders are, and quickly get the relevant documents. Covering EP now; more soon!

Advice for the transition: Get LANZCAPE Premium

To be effective when routine institutional work resumes, you need to be reparing during the current transition period. Advice from deeply experienced lobbyists is available through LANZCAPE’s A.S. Advice™ service, which will: 

  • guide you through the multi-track transition process that is currently going on
  • help you understand what to be communicating about, when, how, and to whom; and
  • provide supporting resources to help you achieve maximum impact.

Free from Autumn:

File tracking

Quickly check status and next-step timing of any file (OLP now, soon also secondary acts), are tracked and you can get alerts every step of the way. Choose the files you want alerts on. Add as many as you like.

File alerts

(Free during first month) Choose files to be alerted on by email any time they move or get new future dates scheduled (votes, debates, etc.). Your files are grouped for you in your “my files” page.

Quick MEP Mapping

Quickly map MEPs by different combinations Group, committee,  nationality, party, role, etc. Combine with other search and filter criteria for quick views of stakeholder landscape by any criterion.

MEP Reports & Opinions

For any MEP, see the full set of Reports and Opinions that they are or have been Rapporteur or Shadow Rapporteur on, with quick direct downloads. 

File MEP Reports & Opinions

For any MEP, see the full set of Reports and Opinions that they are or have been Rapporteur or Shadow Rapporteur on, with quick direct downloads. 

Fast, simple search

Quickly find all files related to a particular issue or search term and easily narrow by file type, status, procedure and other critera. Much faster than using public information sources, and made for mobile.

Premium from Autumn:

Advocacy Advice

From experienced lobbyists and authorities on advocacy best practice, actionable advice at every step of a file, with tips on when and how to prepare and execute. 


To help you execute on the advice we also provide guidance documents, example documents, templates, and tools to help you prepare and carry out our advocacy work.

File Stakeholders

Quickly see the stakeholder picture for a file. We’re starting with the full set of MEP roles on all files (Rapporteurs, Shadows, etc.) and  soon adding Commission, Council, and third-party stakeholders. 

Stakeholder Profiles

Beginning with MEPs but soon adding other institutional and third-party stakeholders, quick access to the profile of any stakeholder in the stakeholder map for any given file, including other related files.

Secondary acts

For any given OLP file, quickly see the secondary acts arising from that file now and in the future. Soon will also include future secondary acts from proposals. 


We think there’s something still missing from the public affairs world: a quick, simple mobile public affairs app to support your work while you’re on the go.  A free app you can download and just start using. And with plenty of value that will always remain free.

As a public affairs professional, you want to focus on achieving your advocacy goals, not wrestle with complicated systems. You want to be out and about, meeting people and shaping policy.

To do that effectively, you need two things. You need a quick, clear, accurate, and effortless grasp of your always-changing public affairs landscape at any moment. And you need advice on what to be communicating about, when, how, and to whom, with supporting resources.

Questions or Feedback?

Our vision is to make the most helpful, empowering, and intuitive public affairs app there is. Is there anything we can do better? Let us know! Use this page to suggest improvements, request product features, report bugs/errors/issues… or just ask us anything!

Be part of the LANZCAPE journey by getting involved and letting us know how we can continually improve!

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